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Every building has a soul. We enhance our guests’ emotional comfort by mingling art with the soul of the Point Hotels.

Our projects such as Password Istanbul, the contemporary art collection that was created by 26 artist including Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Okan Bayülgen under the curation of Beral Madra that establish an emotional bond between our guests and the hotel and the display of Ara Güler’s 232 photographs in different venues of the hotel that invites our guests to look at Istanbul from a different perspective indicates the significance of art in our concept.

The concept artwork of an artist, the conceptual artwork collection of a curator or a signed work of art created in collaboration with an art institution… We develop concepts that enrich and flourish the interiors with art and culture for our hotels. That’s how the managements under the brand of Point Hotel become an important part of their cities. 

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